Who am I?

The Pristine Body was developed by yours truly in late 2014. As a former Pole Vaulter with the National Track and FIeld team, I have always had an interest in nutrition, fitness and attaining personal/ fitness goals. In 2010 I completed my Bachelors in Nursing and soon felt like I wasn't able to impact people in the ways that I had imagined. The medical system soon proved to be very focused on dealing with symptoms and illness, rather than prevention and optimal wellness.

Throughout my late teens and early twenties, I dealt with disordered eating habits and believed that I had to be "perfect" in every way. I believed that I had to be a perfect student, nurse, athlete and body type. Fortunately, I had some great people around me that encouraged me to seek help. After time in counselling, group sessions and ongoing education, I was able to develop an amazing awareness, education and appreciation for nutrition, what it means to be "fit" and the psychology involved in it all.

As both an RN & Holistic Nutritionist I set out to help are struggling with their weight, their body image and/or confused over what the "perfect diet" may be.  I don't believe that your "perfect diet" is found, I believe that it's created. We are all individuals with different needs, lifestyles and preferences. My goal is to help you discover YOUR perfect diet that will allow you to be free from self doubt, guilt, restriction or feelings of loss of control. We will create the ideal diet and lifestyle for YOU.

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The body is an amazing organism, which can manufacture just about everything it needs to be strong and healthy, as long as the resources to do so are present when needed. Instead of fighting or manipulating the body’s responses, the practice of Holistic Nutrition is designed to maximize the natural effectiveness of the body, and to provide resources to optimally support its needs. 

– Amy Karl RN, BN, RNC

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