Turmeric is a well-known herb which I have been obsessed with for the past few years. I used to add turmeric to soups and meat rubs on a regular basis, and over the past few years started to add it to smoothies and lattes. This beautifully coloured herb has some awesome health benefits.

Just Some Health Benefits of Turmeric

It's reduces inflammation

Turmeric can have antiinflammatory benefits. Curcumin may lower the inflammatory response in the body, by down regulating inflammatory markers (cytokines), as well as decrease proteins and enzymes that promote inflammation. 

It's full of Nutrients

Turmeric can be considered a ‘super food’ as it is full of antioxidants including vitamin C, A, D, E as well as B vitamins. 

It supports digestion

Turmeric may enhance digestion by promoting enzymes like lipase (to digest fat), amalyase (to digest carbohydrates) and can stimulate bile (to also help digest fat).  Most studies will combine turmeric with black pepper and ginger for this effect. 

It can support skin health

Turmeric and curcimin may have a significant impact when treating inflammatory skin issues like acne, rosacea and psoriasis. 


Combine the antiinflammatory and antioxidant content of turmeric and boom! You're getting some support with your immune system. 

Only Buy Quality Turmeric

When purchasing Turmeric, try and find the whole root (or powders made from the whole root, nothing else added). When buying it at the grocery store, it's usually found around the ginger and garlic section. You can also buy an organic turmeric powder, which is important as turmeric can be highly sprayed with pesticides.

PS!!!!: Be careful when using the powder around any light coloured counter tops or clothing. Use a spoon to handle it unless you want orange/yellowy stained fingers or clothes.